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  • Version 7.0
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  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English

Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers of all time, and with Internet Explorer 7, you can experience all the benefits of this browser for yourself.

No matter what you like to do online, you need a good browser on your computer. Though Microsoft automatically includes IE on many of its computers, not all users liked the changes found with newer versions. If you want something basic that protects you while online and lets you surf with ease, you might replace your current browser with IE 7.

Though IE 7 first came out in 2006, it remains just as popular with some users today as it was back then. One thing you'll notice is that the browser has a sleek and streamlined look. The very top of the page features an address and a search bar. The search bar comes with live search already enabled, but you can make just two clicks and change to the search engine you prefer. IE 7 works with leading search engines like Google and Yahoo. Clicking on the arrow at the end of the address bar brings up a drop-down menu that shows you the sites you visit most often.

For Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft moved the tool bars to the side. You can click to the right of any open tab to open a new tab, and you can close those tabs with one click too. The Microsoft Feeds tool helps you keep track of all the sites you subscribe to and see when those sites have new content available. Other tools let you make basic changes to the look and layout of the browser.

The best web browsers offer protection for those who spend a lot of time online. IE 7 comes with a phishing software that will send out an alert every time you see a page that features phishing software. This keeps you from clicking on and loading that page. Those looking for additional protection will find that this web browser is sorely lacking. It doesn't have nearly as many security features as newer browsers do.

Before you download IE 7, keep in mind that this is an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer offers any support for the browser and does not recommend that you use it. Internet Explorer 7 is a basic web browser that will help you do some of the things you want to do but one that cannot compete with newer products.


  • Basic web browser that helps you surf the web
  • New filter identifies and alerts you of phishing sites
  • RSS reader keeps track of your favorite sites
  • Lets you open multiple tabs without experiencing any lags


  • No official support from Microsoft
  • Lacks the security protection available with newer browsers
  • Installation requires several different steps that take a lot of time
  • Is not compatible with newer sites
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